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chip varistor

High speed, high capacity of digital signal and high accumulation of the accompanied IC device is sensitive to pulse noise and electromagnetic wave such as static, etc.
Our noise filter is a line filter used to remove the static and electromagnetic noise of signal line and power line.
Chip Varistor
chip varistor
The LVS series is metal oxide based chip varistor for transient voltage suppression.
It has non-linear voltage current behavior, similar to zener diode. Multilayer structured varistor, however, shows superiority in electrical reliability to zener diode, since each grain exhibits small p-n junction. In addition, LVS series shows better electrical properties such as high clamping voltage and low leakage current.
Chip varistor provides high reliability on surface mounting
Wide range of working voltage (Vw=5.6V ~30V)
Electroplating of Ni and Sn gives higher solderability
Wide operating temperature (-55 ~85'c)
Various capacitance is available
Protection from transient voltage noise in all kind of IC
Protection from ESD, EFT and surge in power I/O port
Replacement of zener diode
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