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esd emi filter

High speed, high capacity of digital signal and high accumulation of the accompanied IC device is sensitive to pulse noise and electromagnetic wave such as static, etc.
Our noise filter is a line filter used to remove the static and electromagnetic noise of signal line and power line.
Power SMD type Feed Through Capacitor (SPF series)
esd emi filter
SPF series is made of monolithic ceramics on which electrode of low resistant is formed for reflow soldering. This series is suitable for filtering unwanted frequency noise in high current power lines.
Excellent endurance in high-current circuits
Nickel plating on silver electrode eliminates the solder leaching problem
DC power lines and signal lines in base station for mobile phone
Microwave transmission
Test equipment
Medical instrument
Automobile electronics
SMPS and DC-DC converter
Bolt type Feed Through Capacitor (LNFT series)
LNFT series shows a C circuit structure that is composed of a threaded metal shell, a ceramic capacitor, and a core pin. The capacitor is a feed through type of either multilayer or an extremely small monolythic. Extremely large insertion loss filters unwanted noise in a high frequency range up to microwaves, and performs filtering and shielding concurrently for electronic equipment.
High performance EMI filtering
Endurable for large current circuits (5A to 15A)
EMI filtering for DC lines and signal lines of base station and repeater for mobile phone
Power amplifier module
Microwave transmission
Test equipment
Array type Feed Through Capacitor (LAFT series)
The LATF series is an array type feed through capacitor that functions as a filter in the interface of an electronic system. LATF series is available in a variety of plate size and pin counts up to 12 pins in a plate, with standard(0.1 inch) pitch width.
Cost saving array type
Maximize the space capacity
Body thickness is only 2mm
Eliminates the need to assemble filters into a bulkhead
Industrial electronic equipment
Automotive electronics
Computers and peripheral equipment
Power amplifier module for mobile communication
Selection guide for EMI?ESD
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