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esd suppression

High speed, high capacity of digital signal and high accumulation of the accompanied IC device is sensitive to pulse noise and electromagnetic wave such as static, etc.
Our noise filter is a line filter used to remove the static and electromagnetic noise of signal line and power line.
esd suppression
S-Guard series is a noise filter, specially designed, for the protection of the high speed signal lines from electrostatic discharge (ESD), by limiting the component capacitance below 1.0pF.
This series shows the characteristic superiority of not only low leakage current, but high reliability also, as well as, fast response time, based on our unique material system.
Low capacitance suitable for the fast signal Line
Low leakage current
Fast response time
High reliability on surface mounting
Electroplating with Ni and Sn gives solderability
Computer I/O Ports for the fast signal lines like USB3.0, IEEE1394, LVDS, and HDMI
RF/Antenna Circuit
Replacement of Polymer ESD Suppressor
* Comparison Table
  X-Type Y-Type(OR3)
Electrostatic capacity less than 0.2pF less than max. 0.3pF
Leakage current less than 10? less than 1?
Purpose Power I/O terminal Alternative for varistor(for noise sense)
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