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noise filter

High speed, high capacity of digital signal and high accumulation of the accompanied IC device is sensitive to pulse noise and electromagnetic wave such as static, etc.
Our noise filter is a line filter used to remove the static and electromagnetic noise of signal line and power line.
noise filter
The L-Guard is metal oxide based EMI noise filter with the function of transient voltage suppression. It shows noise absorption characteristics like LC filter, and non-linear voltage-current behavior, similar to zenor diode. Variation of the structure of inner electrode provides the application-specific noise absorption characteristics over the desired frequency range.
Prominent EMI attenuation and ESD protection at high speed signal line
Low profile(thickness = 0.5mm)
Wide bandwidth of -20dB attenuation
4 array in a single chip for high density circuit design
Fast response time(<1ns) for ESD
LCD module
Mobile phone, PDA, DMB phone, Digital camera
Multi line I/O ports in various hand-held equipments
EMI countermeasure for clock signal lines