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ntc thermistor smd

Thermistor is a resistor that electric resistance is changed with ambient temperature and which is sensitive to heat. Among them, NTC (Negative temperature coefficient of resistance) thermistor has a characteristic that the resistance value reduces when the temperature increases. This is the device used as sensor that measures mainly the temperature around room temperature, which is applied to various fields such as home appliance, automotive, telecommunication, computer, medical instruments and industry sites etc.
SMD type
ntc thermistor smd
NTC thermistor is a ceramic semiconductor, which shows non-linear resistance - temperature behavior. LNS series is a SMD(surface mounting device) type NTC thermistor, that is designed for mounting on PCB (printed circuit board).
Multilayer structure allows diverse resistance value in the same B constant
Multilayer structure allows lower resistance at high B constan
Sn plating with Ni barrier gives high reliability for both flow and reflow soldering.
Unified shape and tightly controlled dimension is fit to high mounting speed
Temperature compensation for crystal oscillator (TCXO)
Temperature compensation for personal computer
Temperature compensation for contrast of LCD
Temperature detection for CPU and memory device
Temperature detection in PCM (protective circuit module) for battery pack
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