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NTC thermistor wire

Thermistor is a resistor that electric resistance is changed with ambient temperature and which is sensitive to heat. Among them, NTC (Negative temperature coefficient of resistance) thermistor has a characteristic that the resistance value reduces when the temperature increases. This is the device used as sensor that measures mainly the temperature around room temperature, which is applied to various fields such as home appliance, automotive, telecommunication, computer, medical instruments and industry sites etc.
Insulated wire type
NTC thermistor wire
Epoxy coated sensor element with an extended wire
Small head (?1.8mm ) size and various wire length
High precision of ±1% (± 0.3?)
Good for mechanically hazard environment
Temperature sensor
Batterry pack
Enamel wire type
Sensor element is connected to very thin enamel insulated wires, then coated with epoxy for encapsulation
Good for tiny space and disposable usage
High precision of ±1% (± 0.3?)
Fast thermal response time
Temperature sensor
Batterry pack
Parameter Insulated wire type Enamel wire type
Thickness 1.8~2.5mm 1.6~2.3mm
Lead AWG 28~32, PVC/PE clad wire 0.1~0.3mm enamel coating, Cu or CP wire
Insulation Epoxy (head), PVC or PE (wire) Epoxy (head), Urethane (wire)
Lead Shape Irregular pitch Irregular pitch