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piezo device

Among ceramic materials which displays the piezo-electric phenomena, the most important material is Pb(Ti,Zr)O3(PZT) which displays the large and stable piezo-electric phenomena. The piezo-electric device by using the phenomena that the mutual conversion of electric and mechanical energy is available, is used as transducer which converts these energy. Using the features of this piezo device, we massproduce microwave vibrator for humidifier, vibrator for beauty instruments, etc. and also we produce acustic sensor, microwave sensor and actuator by OEM method.
Ultrasonic Transducer for Humidifier
Lattron's ultrasonic transducer for humidifier is designed for high performance mist out. Especially it is designed for hot water operation with long life time and high mist out. It has wear resistance ceramic coating on the surface with beautiful gold color to prevent surface corrosion and sticking.
piezo device
High mist out
Wear resistant coating
Transducer with TiN electrode
Exellent resistance to acid solution
Transducer with TiN electrode
Good resistance to scale
Good duration in warm water
Compliance with noise regulation
Humidifier for home & industrial
Nebulize for medical
Show case
Transducer for Beauty M/C
Various frequency and shape
Funtional ceramic coating
For face skin massager
For body treatment
For physical therapy
Knocking Sensor Element
Wide operating temperature
Good stability in operation
For gasoline engine
Ultrasonic Transducer Element
High power density
Wide operating temperature
Ultrasonic generation
Sensor element