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1998.01 Established the corporation
1998.10 Commercialized vibrator for microwave humidifier
1992.02 Commercialized Epoxy type NTC Thermistor
2000.07 Constructed new factor and moved in
2000.08 Commercialized SMD NTC Thermistor
2000.09 Commercialized feed through filter for wireless power module
2001.05 Commercialized a Chip Varistor
2001.08 Commercialized a Chip Antenna
2001.09 Promising Small & Medium Business in Daejeon
2001.11 INNO-BIZ Business
2002.01 Obtained ISO 9001 Certificate
2004.01 Obtained Reliability mark (by MOCIE)
2005.01 Established ShenZhen (China) Office
2005.07 Established SuZhou (China) Factory
2005.11 Commercialized L guard
2005.12 Obtained ISO 14001 Certificate
2006.01 Commercialized L guard of EMI/ESD filter (LFV series)
2006.05 Commercialized S guard of low capacity ESD filter
2006.05 Supplied the device of humidifier
2006.12 Obtained UL Mark Certficate
2007.01 Commercialized film type thermistor (IT alternative)
2007.04 Commercialized special NTC (film, wire)
2007.10 Started to supply temperature sensor for automobiles
2008.01 Commercialized glass thermistor
2009.10 Commercialized film flat type thermistor
2009.12 Assigned as export promising small & medium business
2010.05 Selected as KOTRA assured brand
2013.10 Acquired TS 16949 by BSI