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NTC Thermistor
SMD type Radial type Diode type
SMD type NTC thermistor is a ceramic
semiconductor, which shows non-
linear resistance - temperature
behavior. LNS series is a SMD...
Radial type LNT series is a radial type NTC
thermistor,that is composed of
epoxy-coated sensor head and two
lead wires of Sn coated. LNT...
Diode type NTC chip is hermetically sealed in
glass (DO-35) tube, on this diode
type thermistor. LND series is
designed for the application of...
File type Chip in Glass type Wire type
Film type LNJT series is a film type
thermistor, composed of a NTC
chip soldered in a thin lead frame,
then insulated with polymer film, ...
Chip in Glass type Glass sealing type thermistor is
designed for high reliability and
wide temperature range of
operation. LNG series gives...
Wire type Thermistor is a resistor that electric
resistance is changed with ambient
temperature and which is sensitive
to heat. Among them, NTC...
Temperature sensor
temperature sensor ntc from lattron is a radial type NTC thermistor, that is composed of epoxy-coated sensor head and..
Temperature sensor
Chip Varistor
Chip varistor from lattron is metal
oxide based chip varistor for
transient voltage suppression. It
has non-linear voltage current...
Chip Varistor
Piezo Device
Piezo device from lattron is
designed for high performance
mist out. Especially it is designed
for hot water operation with long...
Piezo Device
Ultrasonic Transducer for Humidifier
Ultrasonic transducer for humidifier from lattron is designed for high performance mist out. Especially it is designed for hot...
Ultrasonic Transducer for Humidifier
ESD Suppressor : S-Guard
S-Guard series is a noise filter,
specially designed, for the rotection of the high speed signal lines from electrostatic discharge...
ESD Suppressor : S-Guard
Acquired TS 16949 from BSI [2014.01.27]
Ultrasonic Nebulizer for Chemical(Acid) Solution [2015.06.04]
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